About Us


At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our team of experienced, knowledgeable and mechanical staff are ready to serve your needs. Victory Ground Support Equipment will know what you want, when you want it and will supply these needs with the least delay.

At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our Zero Time Refurbish and Reconditioning of previously owned equipment has proven itself to be one of the first, natural recycling ideas of the GREEN movement. Through our cost saving pricing, we can help you maintain your operation with a substantial return on this vital equipment.

At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our Operating Systems have proven to our satisfied customers that their expenditures enable to reinvest those savings in other aspects of their business operations. When the need is great, the cost of savings over new equipment allows you, our customer, to answer other demands on your capital. In this manner, Victory Ground Support Equipment is the only logical choice to support your operation and we are an integral part of your team. Victory Ground Support Equipment will help you arrive at answers when no other source available can.


At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our intention is to accomplish the goals of our customers even when there appears to be no other answer. Victory Ground Support Equipment acknowledges the fact that, with particularly older, previously owned and operated equipment, we are the only ones with the resources to keep your equipment up and running. Victory Ground Support Equipment is the solution to your lack of sources to keep your equipment running.


At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our mission is to supply fully refurbished equipment to Aircraft Support Companies, Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Organizations as well as a wide variety of other Industrial Operations. These buyers need equipment to push, pull, maintain or otherwise operate a range of Trailers, Bins, Carts or other carriers of goods and materials. Victory Ground Support Equipment will economically supply the pieces, their necessary parts and/or assemblies when others have failed.


At Victory Ground Support Equipment, our purpose is to supply the needs of our customers in the most efficient, most economical manner possible. This includes not just the sale of refurbished equipment, but parts and assemblies to support their continued safe operation. In short, we are the GREEN solution to your existing needs.



Victory Ground Support Equipment is located 5 Miles South of Downtown Los Angeles, California and is only a 15 minute ride from LAX International Airport. Victory Ground Support Equipment is located at 8211 S. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90001. Additionally, we have storage facilities in the following areas Oakland - California, Spring Valley - New York, Honolulu - Hawaii, and Tamuning - Guam in the South Pacific.

Victory Ground Support Equipment's primary customer base has always been the major Airlines, fixed Base Operators, the US Military, and Material Handling Companies worldwide.

Victory Ground Support Equipment also specializes in the Design and Manufacture of Custom Utility Tractors, Waste Fluid Carts and Hydraulic Test Stands.

Every Victory Ground Support Equipment - built (or rebuilt) product is designed to satisfy your unique requirement. You can rely on our more than 60 years of experience for solutions to your specific design needs, technical questions and customized applications. A highly skilled staff, specializing in customer instruction, spare parts distribution, and product rehabilitation supports our equipment.

Whether your needs call for a Single Tow Tractor, a Fleet of Wide Body Aircraft Air Starts, or even a Passenger Entry Stand, Go with the Leader - Victory Ground Support Equipment.

Victory Ground Support Equipment is your resource for Aircraft Air Conditioners, Aircraft Air Start Units, Aircraft Jacks, Aircraft Baggage Tractors, Aircraft Boarding Stairs, Aircraft Portable GPU's (Aircraft Ground Power Units), HYD (Hydraulic)Test Stands, Aircraft Hangar GPU (Aircraft Hangar Ground Power Unit), Aircraft Maintenance Stands, Push Back Aircraft Tractors, TUG Aircraft Tractors, Lithium Aircraft Tractors and more!