GSE - Trilectron RJ150 Mobile Air Conditioner / Power Supply- USED GSE
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Completely self-contained, trailer-mounted, diesel powered Air Conditioner / Power Supply unit for comforable conditioning of passenger aircraft cabins with approximately eight hours of continuous operation per full tank.


Cooling Capacity: 15 Tons (53 kW)

Optional Heater: 36 kW

Optional 400Hz: 30 kVA

Optional 28VDC: 400 A continuous / 1600 A peak

Engine: Turbocharged 4-Stroke, inline 4 cylinder (Diesel and Jet Fuel compatible)

Air Conditioning: High discharge air temperature with Heat Option

Operation Temperature: -40º F to +125º F (-40º C to +52º C)


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Equipment Type: Air Conditioner
Make: Trilectron
Model: RJ150
Output: 15 Tons
Engine: 4cyl Turbo Diesel
Heat Option: Yes

151"L x 72"W x 76.5"H


Weight: 5,600 lbs.



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