Reconditioning Services

GSE Reconditioning Services


Victory Ground Support Equipment's highly skilled equipment recondition team will make sure that your equipment is functioning properly, tested and retested for the best results. Victory Ground Support Equipment will inspect, repair, replace, and install new parts to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. Below you will find a list of what we do during the reconditioning process:

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INSPECTION Inspection of all Components Including (but not limited to) the Engine, Mechanical, Braking, Exhaust, Electrical, Tires, Seat(s), Batteries, etc

REPAIRRepair Body/Frame as Needed - Paint GM Fleet White *Optional Colors Available

ENGINECompression Test, Tune-Up, Service - New OEM Parts Installed as Necessary

TRANSMISSIONService Transmission and Check All Linkages and Fluid

THIRD MEMBERInspection - Repair or Replace as Necessary

RADIATORFlush Radiator - New coolant - Recore if Necessary

WIRINGInspect Wiring, Switches, and Relays - Replace as Necessary

GAUGESInspect All Gauges - Replace as Necessary

STEERINGInspect All Steering Components - Repair or Replace as Necessary

FUEL TANKFlush Fuel Tank - Repair or Replace as Necessary

HOSESReplacement of Hydraulic Hoses and Components as Necessary

TIRESInspect All Tires - Minimum 75% Rubber Confirmed

NEW ITEMS New Seat - New Head/Tail Lights - New Battery